Department of Mathematical Modeling and Control

The date of foundation: 1 September, 2006

Department of Mathematical Modeling and Control was founded in order to develop the co-operation between National Academy of Sciences and Belarusian State University, to improve the integration of academic science and higher education. MMC Department was constituted as a result of joint order of NAS Presidium President T.V. Mjasnikovich and BSU Rector V.I. Strazhev in September 1, 2006.

MMC Department trains and graduates students for the speciality “Applied Mathematics”, specialization “Mathematical Cybernetics”. The most of lecturers at the department are research fellows in the Institute of Mathematics, NAS of Belarus.

Chair: Ivan Vasiljevich GAISHUN, Academician of NAS, Belarus.

Contact Information:

Belarus, 220030, Minsk,
Nezavisimosti Ave. , 4, Main building, r. 502,
tel. +375-17-209-5538.

Specialization courses:

  • Mathematical Modeling of the Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Difference Schemes for Gas- and Fluid-Dynamics Problems
  • Inverse Problems of Mathematical Physics
  • Method of Dynamic Adaptation
  • Combinatorial Models and Algorithms
  • Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Discrete Mathematics and Informatics
  • Molecular Dynamics Applications for Simulation in Microelectronics
  • Stabilization of Dynamic Systems

List of specializations:

  • Mathematical Cybernetics

Research activities:

  • Theory of Dynamic Systems
  • Linear Transport Theory and Simulations of the Ion Implantation Process
  • Theory of Parallel Calculations
  • Inverse Problems of Mathematical Physics Equations, Mathematical Theory of Control
  • Combinatorial Optimization. Combinatorial Calculating Geometry
  • Differential Equations: Stability Theory, Theory of Discriminatory Indices
  • Finite- Difference Methods for Mathematical Physics Equations
  • Dynamic Adaptation Method for Numerical Solving of Mathematical Physics Equations
  • Optimal Control of Dynamic Systems in Real Time, Realization Methods for Bounded Regulative Return Connections