Research Laboratories of Applied Probabilistic analysis

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Laboratory conducts research in applied probability, theory of stochastic processes in queueing processes in particular, and their applications to telecommunications, call centers, data bases design, etc.
Main achievements of the members of laboratory include:

  • Investigation of multi-dimensional structured Markov chains (quasi-Toeplitz and asymptotically quasi-Toeplitz Markov chains in particular) including derivation of ergodicity conditions and constructive algorithms for calculating the stationary distribution;
  • Investigation of M/G/1, BMAP/PH/N and M/M/00 queues operating in Markovian and semi-Markovaian synchronous and asynchronous random environment;
  • Investigation of numerous single- and multiserver queueing models with controlled arrival and service rates and parametric (threshold, hysteresis, etc) strategies of control;
  • Investigation of single- and multiserver retrial queueing models with correlated arrival process;
  • Investigation of numerous single- and multiserver queueing models with the Batch Markovian Arrival Process;
  • Investigation of unreliable queueing systems, systems with negative customers, systems with vacations and systems with disasters;
  • Investigation of tandem queueing systems with correlated arrival process;
  • Investigation of systems with finite capacity, different strategies of customers admission and correlated arrival process;
  • Software development for characteristics calculation and optimization for all kinds of queues listed above.

Head of the laboratory - A.N. DUDIN

Contact Information:

Belarus, 220030, Minsk, Nezavisimosti avenue, 4.
Main building, office 318
Tel. (+375-17)209-5486

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