• International Scientific-Practical Conference "International Conference on Modeling and Simulation" (MS’2012)
  • International Scientific Conference "Computerization of Education - 2012"
  • The 3d International Scientific Conference "Mathematical Modeling and Differential Equations "


  • International Scientific-Practical Conference "Technologies of Computerization and Management" (TIM-2011)
  • Scientific Conference "Modern Probabilistic Methods of Analyses and Optimization of Information and Telecommunication Networks"
  • International Scientific Conference "International Congress of Computer Science: Information Systems and Technologies (CSIST ’2011)"


  • International Scientific and Methodical Conference "Computerization of Education - 2010".
  • International Scientific Conference "The 5th Bogdanov’s Readings on Simple Differential Equations ".
  • IX International Scientific Conference "Computer Data Analysis and Modeling " (CADM’2010) ("Computer Data Analysis and Modeling"– CDAM’2010). Conference is organized by BSU, Scientific-Research Institute of Applied Mathematical Problems and Computer Science of BSU, Belarusian Statistic Association and Vienna University of Technologies.
  • VI International Scientific Conference "Information Systems and Technologies ( IST ’2010)".
  • International Scientific Conference "Computer - Aided Design of Discrete Devices " (Computer - Aided Design of Discrete Devices (CAD DD ’10).
Research DirectionsScientific areas Scientific schools Conferences

Scientific researches at the Faculty are carried out jointly with the Scintific-Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science problems. These researches are carried out by 12 departments of the Faculty and 8 research laboratories.

Research Directions at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (FAMCS)

  • 1. Research and modeling of mathematical models of dynamic systems, analytical and numerical methods for analyses of high complexity differential systems and problems for partial differential equations. Effective algorithms of numerical solution and software implementation development on their basis.
  • 2. Research of multicriterion problems of discrete optimization and uneven extremal problems, development of approximation algorithms of problems solution with incomplete data and optimal systems synthesis methods in decision-making problems.
  • 3. Research of theoretical, methodological, technological basics of design and development of Software, development of information (data-analytical) systems with respect of data security requirements .
  • 4. Development and research of data/knowledge models, mathematical methods, algorithms and information-computer technologies for building up of distributed intellectual decision-making and pattern recognition systems .
  • 5. Development of methods , optimal and stable procedures, software for probabilistic and statistic data analyses, random processes and fields, and simulation of complex systems .
  • 6. Development of theory of interacting processes, algorithmic and software support of parallel action systems, mathematical models and data protection methods.