IСPC Belarus and Baltics Regional Contest

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Welcome to participate in the Belarus and Baltics Collegiate Programming Championship.

The 2020 Belarus and Baltics Regional Contest took place on November, 14, 2020.

Special competition regulations 2020

As always, more than 170 students take part in the competition from all over Belarus, Latvia and Kaliningrad region (Russian Federation). The host of the competition   is Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of the Belarusian State University in the 23-st time. This year 59 teams from 15 universities have participated in the official contest. And more than 10 teams were in status “Guest teams” (Vilnius University’s teams from other region , and others teams)

The problem set contained 12 problems. The first prize went to the Belarusian State University: the winner team is "BelarusianSU 1" with 10 solved problems, closely followed by two teams from “Guest team VU: Adliswil | graduates of University” and BelarusianSU 22.

See the problem set at file

See unofficial results at ( iRunner system)

See official results at

15 teams are going to St.Petersburg for the next stage of the competition – The 2020 Northern Eurasia Finals:

BelarusianSU (5), BelarusianSUIR(4), Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno(2), Latvian University (2), Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (1), Gomel Fr. Scaryna State University(1)

Good Luck!



Congratulations to the winners!  


BelarusianSU 1: Dzianis Kim, Aliaksandr Kernazhytski, Ivan Lukyanov


BelarusianSU 22: Daniil Dzenhaliou, Nikita Kondibor, Anton Kernazhytski


 15 teams are going to St.Petersburg for the next stage of the competition - Northern Eurasia Programming Contest 2018  Good Luck!


The Organizing Committee invites teams of universities carrying out experts training in mathematics, programming, and information technology to take part in the ¼ finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest


Belarusian State University
The Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

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