IСPC Belarus and Baltics Regional Contest

Russian version


Welcome to participate in the Belarus and Baltics Collegiate Programming Championship.

At the same time, for participants from Belarus, Kaliningrad and Latvia, these competitions are the selection (Quarter-finals) for ICPC-2021

We care about contestants, guests, and organizers' health as well as follows all local medical recommendations in all countries included into the region.

The Championship will be held November, 14, 2020 at 10:00 (Minsk) online via the Internet throw a testing system iRunner2 (

Special competition regulations 2020

There is no need to gather all team members in a single room or space. Communication between the team members is outside of organizer responsibility. Every team (three students) has a single identity, i.e. the contest remains a team contest and all three contestants work for the single result. Every contestant can use a personal computer (up to three computers per team).

Main rules:

  1. Contestants are allowed to use any written sources of information including sources from the Internet.
  2. Contestants are NOT allowed to use source codes provided by third parties.
  3. Contestants are NOT allowed to use help from third parties including materials created after the beginning of the contest.
  4. Judging committee keeps the right to disqualify any team should source codes or help from third parties facts be discovered.

Answers to frequently asked questions

  1. Competitions will be held at
  2. Logins will be sent to the mails of coaches and team members by 8:00 on November 14. Only coaches can confirm or clarify the sending status.
  3. The trial tour will run from 8:00 to 9:55 on November 14th. The problems will only be in html format on the site.
  4. The main tour will start at 10:00 and last 5 hours.
  5. Problems  will be in English only (html and pdf versions in the system).
  6. Questions about assignments and possible appeals should only be asked through the testing system. Appeals can only be made until 15:30.
  7. About compilers: any compilers from the list will be available:
    • Borland Delphi 7.0
    • C# 8 (.NET Core 3.1)
    • Free Pascal 3.0
    • GNU C++ 4.7.2 (MinGW) [stack: 64 MB]
    • GNU C++11 4.7.2 (MinGW) [stack: 64 MB]
    • GNU C++14 6.2.0 (MinGW) [stack: 64 MB]
    • GNU C++17 7.3.0 (MinGW) [stack: 64 MB]
    • Java v7
    • Java v8
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 10.0 (2010)
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 12.0 (2013)
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 15.9 (2017)
    • PascalABC.NET 3.2
    • PyPy 3.6 v 7.2.0
    • Python 3.8




Congratulations to the winners!  


University of Latvia LU2: Kristaps Civkulis, Aleksejs Zajakins, Aleksandrs Zajakins


Belarusian SU #1: Aliaksandr Kernazhytski, Yahor Dubovik, Fedar Karabeinikau


Belarusian SU #2: Barys Serankou, Daniil Melnichenka, Kiryl Hulin


 15 teams are going to St.Petersburg for the next stage of the competition - Northern Eurasia Programming Contest 2018  Good Luck!


The Organizing Committee invites teams of universities carrying out experts training in mathematics, programming, and information technology to take part in the ¼ finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest


Belarusian State University
The Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

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