Modern Probabilistic Methods for Analysis of Telecommunication Networks

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Table of Contents

Analysis of Queueing System with Constant Service Time for SIP
Server Hop-by-Hop Overload Control
Pavel Abaev, Alexander Pechinkin, and Rostislav Razumchik
On Mean Return Time in Queueing System with Constant Service
Time and Bi-level Hysteric Policy
Pavel Abaev, Alexander Pechinkin, and Rostislav Razumchik
Discrete-Time Queueing System with Expulsions
Ivan Atencia, Inmaculada Fortes, and Sixto Sanchez
Stationary Distribution Invariance of an Open Queueing Network with
Temporarily Non-active Customers
Julia Bojarovich and Yury Malinkovsky
An Open Queueing Network with Temporarily Non-active Customers and Rounds
Julia Bojarovich and Larisa Marchenko
Analysis of MAP/PH/c Retrial Queue with Phase Type
Retrials - Simulation Approach
Srinivas R. Chakravarthy
Fluid Flow Analysis of RED Algorithm with Modified Weighted
Moving Average
Joanna Domariska, Adam Domanski, and Tadeusz Czachorski
A Tandem Queueing System with Batch Session Arrivals
Sergey Dudin and Olga Dudina
Socio-behavioral Scheduling of Time-Frequency Resources for Modern Mobile Operators
Alexander Dudin, Evgeny Osipov, Sergey Dudin, and Olov Schelen
Queueing System MAP/M/N/N + K Operating in Random
Environment as a Model of Call Center
Olga Dudina and Sergey Dudin
Optimal Choice of the Capacities of Telecommunication Networks to Provide QoS-Routing
E. Girlich, MM. Kovalev, and N.I. Listopad
VIII     Table of Contents
A Retrial Tandem Queue with Two Types of Customers and
Reservation of Channels
Valentino Klimenok and Roman Savko
Some Aspects of Waiting Time in Cyclic-Waiting Systems
Laszlo Lakatos and Dmitry Efroshinin
Gaussian Approximation of Multi-channel Networks in Heavy Traffic
Eugene Lebedev and Ganna Livinska
Performance Evaluation of Finite Buffer Queues through RegenerativeSimulation
Oleg Lukashenko, Evsey Morozov, Ruslana Nekrasova, and Michele Pagano
Finite Source Retrial Queues with State-Dependent Service Rate  
Vadym Ponomarov and Eugene Lebedev
Multidimensional Alternative Processes Reliability Models
Vladimir Rykov
BMAP/G/1 Cyclic Polling Model with Binomial Disciplines
Zsolt Saffer
Analysis of Fluid Queues in Saturation with Additive Decomposition
Miklos Telek and Miklos Vecsei
Queue-Size Distribution in M/G/1-Type System with Bounded
Capacity and Packet Dropping
Oleg Tikhonenko and Wojciech M. Kempa
Use of Time-Scale for Analysis of Data Source Traffic
Ivan Titov, Ivan Tsitovich, and Stoyan Poryazov
On a Queueing Model with Group Services
Alexander Zeifman, Anna Korotysheva, Yakov Satin, Galina Shilova, and Tatyana Panfilova
Study of Queues' Sizes in Tandem Intersections under Cyclic Control in Random Environment
Andrei Zorine
Author Index
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